Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ah sunmmer time

Despite being on holiday for a month it now feels the summer has begun. I'm back in Aylesbury and back to work tomorrow. And then it's off to Serbia working with reufgees and in slums, then Copenhagen and Berlin and then back to work. Then soul survivor, Forum and back to London for Freshers.

That's the agenda...and there's something about summer months that are so different from others. I'm looking forward to Europe and the funny talk, funny toilets, funny food (not so different from South London then!)

I always stand on the brink of holidays wondering what I'm going to see, what I'm going to learn. How I'm going to change. Something often happens in the summer months that lays the track for the rest of the year. Is it the sun that creates a chemical reaction in my brain? is it the weird food...after all they say you are what you eat...or the affect of flying at high altitudes that means my ears start to hear life differently...

I love the summer. I love the slower pace of life. Even when I'm at work and have more time to read and think. I love being away from my ordinary home and thinking with new persepective.

But boy, am I gonna miss london.

Monday, June 13, 2005

friends at the suumer ball Posted by Hello

the happy 5...housemates this year and again next year.just gotta find a house... Posted by Hello

summer ball Posted by Hello

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

back in the land of the living

i've been away for a while. again. this is becasue i've been ill. again. and i ended up in hospital. again. and they don't really know what was wrong. again.

i'm feeling alot better now, just very tired. they think it was gastroenteritis and no connected to my other stomach problem. but anyway, all the tests were done and i was even hooked to an ECG this time, lucky me!

But hey, God is good and there were quite a few well timed, well placed moments...

like having a big plate next to my bed after eating a piece of toast, perfectly placed when i saw it again so as not to spoil my carpet. hmm..nice...

and like when i collapsed on the floor my housemates were just returning from being out so as they were entering the flat i was coming round and could call out for help...

and the night before i got sick i was supposed to go out for chinese only got on the wrong bus so was late and then the right bus never came...i waited and waited...then decided just to go home... good job really...