Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello world, you need Jesus.

Today, having had a chat about faith etc with one of my old housemates I text her about the christianity explored course. This was what i received:

"Tis not that I'm too busy pet, just there's other things id rather do with my time. Already am fully aware of my religious belieifs. However you have my full support and im sure itll be a v succesful programme :) xx"

Guess Im gutted. Even though there's 11 definates, the people i so desperately want to come and stop running from God are those i love, the girls ive spent the last two years with, sharing every aspect of my life. How it hurts when, unpassionately, they simply are not interested. Not even angry. Have I really not preached the gospel well? Have I not lived the gospel well...maybe they have just seen nothing that shines hope, truth and life. Or maybe quite simply their hearts are hardened and the choice has been made. Am I just a seed or is it the end of the road for them? I pray with everything within me that it is not. That this denying is only for a season.

Meanwhile, I went to Taekwondo tonight and met a great bunch of people, fought hard and came out smiling. Most importantly I shared some stuff from MArk's gosepl with a couple of them over chinese food and chatted about the identity of Jesus, sin and abundant grace. "Becci, I think God's sent you as a kick up my backside" (one said to me-a 'closet christian'!) and the other, well, for the time being she's happy to 'pic and mix' her religious beliefs.


At 7:47 pm, Blogger Ant said...

Hi. How's things? Any more on these stories? It's great to read of your natural conversations with people, even when they don't always end up where you'd like. Be encouraged!

At 11:42 pm, Blogger kenny robertson said...

Hey Becci, I'm disappointed only one person has offered some encouragement on this, so I'D like to say, keep it up girl. I dig your frustration and you're right to be frustrated as it's heartbreaking that the world is blind without the gospel. Push those doors and grab the opportunities. We preach Christ, God opens blind eyes! Good on ya lass.

At 5:14 pm, Blogger Timmy C said...

Heya Bec, just read the post. Am really encouraged by your continued fearlessness in talking about your faith others. Keep it up sis, you're an absolute star & God's rocking big time in your life. As Kenny said above, as we preach Christ faithfully, God opens eyes!

You live it out, preach through your life, and trust God to work.

'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.'
--Romans 8:28--

Groove on, Bec :)

At 1:49 pm, Blogger Mr DT said...


Daniel here. I somehow managed to stumble on your blog. Wow, a Christian! Cool.

The lack of interest is unfortunate indeed (my cousin in Malaysia's in the same boat as your friend - too busy with this, no time for that etc etc). But I hope u will not despair too much. At least u have planted your seed in your friend. It may be easy for me to say this, but don't give up. Now the seed is planted, water it with prayer.

If your non-Christian loved ones don't respond to what u say to them, then what u can do is let your actions do the talking. Continue living your life in a way pleasing to Jesus. Let your light shine for God, & keep setting a Christian example. Your loved ones then will surely see your Christian qualities & it could lead them to Christ.

As for the verse by Timmy, spot on. It's God's perfect timing. We humans can't fully understand His timing, but all we can do is persevere & God will work things out, at His perfect timing.

I will pop over to your blog every now & then. I'm encouraged to hear your passion for Jesus. Keep shining for Jesus!



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