Monday, August 07, 2006

where am I thinking?

It is hard to follow a despised, crucified Messiah - unless we fix our eyes on the end. If we do not aim for the new heaven and the new earth, many of our values and decisions in this wolrd will be myopic, unworthy, tarnished, fundamentally wrong-headed. To put the matter bluntly: can biblical spirituality long survive where Christians are not oriented to the world to come? And, in this context, can we expect to pray aright unless we are oriented to the world to come?
- a call to spiritual reformation by D. A. Carson -

In light of this, when I pray, for what am i giving thanks? my thankfulness will reflect the way I think. Indeed everything I pray for, and the way I pray for it reflects my priorities.

How does even the way I pray refect the way I see the world, others, myself and my God? When I pray am I so short sighted and earth bound that I fail to pray in a way that is in tune with God's heart and the prayers of the Bible, of the apostles? What is my greatest priority when I pray for others, when I pray for myself?

How many of my anxieties and selfishnesses would melt away if only I fixed my eyes on Jesus, on the reality of Hell and of the prize that awaits me?


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